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SUPER GOLDEN Water Dispenser (Cold, Normal, Hot) water, Silver Color (In Pictures): GOLDEN EAGLE Manufacturing and Export Shipment 20FT/40FT Container to many clients in Jordan and Worldwide.

Water dispensers are becoming a vital appliance in our homes today; in the recent past, they were only found in offices and public places. Today SUPER GOLDEN water dispenser (Cold, Normal, Hot) water is offering a healthy alternative to tap water. Clean and hygienic water plays a significant role in human health. It’s recommended for a human to take eight glass of water per day, this keeps the body healthy and refreshed.

Reasons why you need SUPER GOLDEN water dispenser at home, office, and projects: –

  1. Better for health.
  2. Offers fresher water than boiling water.
  3. Better hydration.
  4. Sufficient consumption.
  5. Better skincare.
  6. Encourages a sugar-free diet.
  7. Instant healthy tea and coffee.
  8. Serves a large number.
  9. Saves time and money.
  10. Eco-friendly.


GOLDEN EAGLE Manufacturing, Export, international trade & Supply worldwide in FOB prices (CBU, OEM, SKD). We delivery directly from Factory to your Country port, Interested Companies, Projects & dealers can contact us via WhatsApp: 00962-789998358 or email:  or Website:

للشركات والتجار المهتمين يمكنكم التواصل معنا بالواتساب او الايميل، نحن متخصصون بتصنيع جميع الاجهزة الكهربائية المنزلية بما فيها مبردات الماء، التصدير لجميع دول العالم و بسعر المصنع، الكميات نصف حاوية 20 قدم او حاوية 40 قدم حسب رغبتكم

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